Welcome to District-1

District-1 is a new kind of network that triggers unique adventures based on your location.


We are turning the world into a playing field that uses the techniques and technologies of a video game.

Our Network

District-1 empowers brands and entertainment companies to connect directly with consumers in the most affluent and progressive neighborhoods in the world.


Our network starts in Lower Manhattan, home to 63,000 Residents, the Oculus Transportation Hub with 250,000 daily commuters, and a vibrant mix of the old and new that attracts over 10 million visitors per year.

Spy V Spy

Your mission: visit secret locations, interrogate shadowy contacts, uncover intel, then piece it all together to save Lower Manhattan.

Ghost Stories of Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan has seen more than four centuries of evil deeds, heinous crimes, and paranormal activity. With District-1 ghost sightings are guaranteed.

Hamilton The Adventure

Players are guided through eight sites historically significant to Hamilton’s life throughout Lower Manhattan using Hip-Hop poetry as clues.


Additionally, animated AR Ben Franklins are hidden throughout the tour. Earn points. Find them all.

Start your adventure

District-1 features multi-player adventures based on your location and fellow players around you. Hidden content provides a unique interactive experience specific to each event.


Whether you are curating a gathering, joining a tour or enjoying a night out, District-1 will add another dimension to your adventure.